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Don't just freeze it, Souper Cube it!

The best way to freeze food

Don't Just freeze it. Souper Cube it!

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Food played an integral role in the lives of Michelle and Jake.

To them it was about connecting back to their families’ traditions.

Whenever they would make their family chicken stock recipe, they always encountered the same problem: how do we freeze our soup so we could easily use it again later?

Michelle and Jake created Souper Cubes™ to make freezing and reusing soups and stocks easy, convenient, and fun.

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Features Overview

Souper Cubes™ makes it easy to freeze liquid foods like soup, stock ,broth, or sauce in portions that make sense, 1 cup or 250 mL.  Take the guess work out of figuring out if you have defrosted enough. Whether it's chicken stock, chili, or chicken tikka masala, you will get a perfect portion every time.


Feature 1

Making a recipe that calls for chicken stock? Finally use your own homemade chicken stock. Save money, and take control of what you are eating and feeding your family. Souper Cubes™ makes it easy to save and store your homemade stock and use it when a recipe calls for it.


Feature 2

Enjoy a warm cup of chicken or bone broth as a savory and healthy nutrient booster? Freeze your broth with Souper Cubes™ to enjoy a perfect 1 cup portion every time.



Feature 3

Running out of space in the freezer? Souper Cubes™ can store 50% more frozen food in the same space. Stop wasting your valuable freezer space with inefficient circular containers.

Souper Cubes™ are:

  • Made from 100% Food Grade Silicone

  • BPA Free

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Designed in California by Souper Products LLC

  • Manufactured exclusively for Souper Products LLC in China

  • Patent Pending

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