Souper Cube™ it! 

Souper Cubes™ makes it easy to freeze liquid foods like soup, stock ,broth, or sauce in portions that make sense, 1 cup or 250 mL.

With Souper Cubes™, you can take the guess work out of figuring out if you have defrosted enough. Whether it's chicken stock, chili, or chicken tikka masala, you will get a perfect portion every time. 

Making a recipe that calls for chicken stock? Finally use your own homemade chicken stock. Save money, and take control of what you are eating and feeding your family. Souper Cubes™ makes it easy to save and store your homemade stock and use it when a recipe calls for it. 

Enjoy a warm cup of chicken or bone broth as a savory and healthy nutrient booster? Freeze your broth with Souper Cubes™ to enjoy a perfect 1 cup portion every time.

Running out of space in the freezer? Souper Cubes™ can store 50% more frozen food in the same space. Stop wasting your valuable freezer space with inefficient circular containers. 

Souper Cubes are:

  • Made from 100% Food Grade Silicone
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe