Souper Cubes® partners with Sur la table®

Souper Cubes® partners with Sur la table®
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    Soupr Cubes Cofounders at Sur la Table

    Great news, cooks! Souper Cubes® has partnered with Sur La Table®. We're so excited about this partnership and are so appreciative of everyone over at Sur La Table who made this partnership possible. 

    If you’re not familiar with Sur La Table, it’s an amazing chain that offers dinnerware, cookware, bakeware, serveware, and home decor in stores across the United States and online. 

    If you’re browsing for a Sur La Table tray, you won’t be disappointed by the selection. Whether you are looking for a high-quality wood serving tray, melamine serving platter, a beautiful serving dish or serving board, cutting board, or similar items – they have it! Truly a home chef’s paradise, they have all common and specialty items you’ll need for your kitchen or dining room. 

    Souper Cubes® is now available in all 121 of their stores and through their website at

    Sur La Table will be selling both our 1-cup and 2-cup rectangular trays in an exclusive red color. All our dishwasher-safe food storage and freezing trays will be sold in one-pack for $19.95.

    Click on the links below to open the product pages for each tray.

    Sur la Table's 1cup product page
    Sur La Table's Souper Cubes in Red - 2cup trays
    Sur la Table's 2cup product page

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      Michelle + Jake

      Souper Cubes Co-Creators


      Picture Credit Belongs to Sur La Table

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