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Do you live outside the US? Here’s everything you need to know to purchase Souper Cubes.

Interested in Shipping Internationally?

We’re a US-based Company
(But, We’re Still Glad You’re Here!)

Hi! We’re Michelle and Jake and we started Souper Cubes in our family kitchen in Palo Alto, California.

We’re so thrilled that people across the world have fallen in love with our products and wish to purchase them for their own family kitchens.

Since we’re still a small family business, we don’t ship internationally at this time. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on your very own Souper Cubes…

Our International Distributors

How to Purchase Souper Cubes

We’re pleased to partner with various distributors and retailers across the globe to help more families access Souper Cubes and our other products. Please keep in mind that not all retailers carry all of our products, so be sure to call ahead!


Our products are available on We have also partnered with the following independent retailers.


We recently launched on where our products are available with Amazon Prime free shipping. The price is similar to the US price with the exchange rate conversion and inclusive of VAT. US prices do not include sales tax. Additionally, our 1-cup trays are available at Lakeland (online and in their stores).

South Africa

Our products are distributed by Edison Stone and are available through their partner and other retailers.


Select Souper Cubes products are available at Williams-Sonoma stores.

South Korea

Select Souper Cubes products are available at Williams-Sonoma stores.


Souper Cubes are distributed by Oppenheimer in Australia. Contact Melissa Dettman ( for an updated list of Australian retailers who carry Souper Cubes.


Soupe Cubes are distributed by Color Me Taiwan in Taiwan. You can connect with them on our Souper Cubes Taiwan Facebook page.

Other Countries

If you don’t see your country listed above, will ship to countries outside the US, but they will add additional import fees, duties, and shipping costs.

Want Your Favorite Kitchen Store to Carry Souper Cubes?

Make sure to tell them about us! Then send us an email and we’ll reach out!

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