Homemade Freezer Pizza Making Kits

Homemade Freezer Pizza Making Kits
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    Pizza kits assembled in Souper Cubes trays landscape.

    The directions and recipe here are for a basic pizza kit including, the dough, pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese. You can then add additional toppings either fresh, or you can even freeze some desired toppings alongside your base ingredients.

    Freezable Pizza Toppings

    Not all pizza toppings will freeze well, and you will want to add them fresh, but there are some toppings that you can freeze in your Souper Cubes trays to store frozen with your pizza kits.

    • Cooked meats such as ham, shredded chicken, and bacon.
    • Deli meats such as pepperoni
    • Most veggies will work well here because you are baking them and not eating them raw. Some great freezable veggie toppings are mushrooms, eggplant, spinach, peppers, and onions.

    Time-Saving Freezer Meal Prep Tips

    Pizza kits in 1 cup Souper Cubes trays labeled with lid.
    • Skip making the dough and sauce from scratch, but don’t skip shredding your cheese.
    • Pre-shredded cheese is covered in cellulose to prevent the cheese from clumping in the bag, but this addition affects the cheese’s ability to melt well, so if you want a great stringy, melted cheese, skip the pre-shredded stuff and grate it yourself.
    • Use canned pizza sauce or marinara sauce, and purchase pre-made pizza dough and then assemble your kits if that is your preference.

    How to Make Your Own Pizza Dough

    Step by step how to make pizza dough.

    No need to be intimidated, making a pizza dough kit is pretty easy. You can also make multiple batches to make pizza dough once and have it for multiple dinners in the next 6 months! Just follow these simple instructions to make the best pizza dough:

    • Add warm water, yeast, and sugar to a bowl. If your water is hot vs. warm, it will kill the yeast. Be careful. Let this sit for 10 minutes.
    • Add the oil and salt.
    • Add sifted flour 1 cup at a time. Knead, adding more flour, and repeat until you have a ball that is not too sticky (add more flour), or too dry and falling apart (add more water).

    Create Pizza Kits in Your Souper Cubes Trays

    Dough sauce and cheese prepared in 1 cup trays.

    There is not only one way to do this. You can fill a tray with dough and another with sauce, or you can make one kit in one tray.

    Similarly, you can store the dough altogether, and the sauce altogether, etc.

    The size of the tray you use is also up to you!

    How to Store Your Pizza Kits

    Freezer pizza kit components packed into freezer bag.

    You can leave your pizza kit ingredients in your Souper Cubes trays, but then that ties up your trays for freezing other freezer meals until you make your pizza kits.

    We suggest transferring the pizza kit components to a freezer-safe bag. Zip-top bags and vacuum seal bags work well.

    The pizza kits will generally last 3-6 months, depending on how they are stored. The less air, the longer the kits will last in the freezer.

    How to Thaw Pizza Kits

    Pizza kit components separated to thaw.

    When it is time to make your pizza, you will want to pull the kit from the freezer and transfer it to the fridge to thaw.

    You MUST put the kit components in separate bowls to thaw – otherwise, you will have a bag of thawed dough covered in pizza sauce.

    Thaw all components separately.

    To avoid thawing everything separately, you can freeze each component in a smaller sandwich zip bag and load all the bags into one large quart zip bag – but we like to use as little single-use plastic as we can!


    We would love to hear your ideas or better yet, post a photo of your cubes organized in our Freezer Meals & Recipes Facebook Group!

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