Linda’s Famous Jazzy Oatmeal Cookies

Linda’s Famous Jazzy Oatmeal Cookies
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    baked oatmeal cookies next to a cup of milk

    I'll be the first to admit I'm typically not a fan of oatmeal-based cookies. Especially when they have raisins. I find that they sneakily look like chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) and if you're not paying attention, you can grab the wrong cookie.

    When I first met Jake he told me that his mom Linda is famous for her Jazzy Oatmeal Cookies. I decided to give them a try and now I totally get why his friends are always asking to come over and see if Linda has some of her amazing cookies in the freezer stash. They're that good. Yes, they have raisins. But I LOVE that she also includes chocolate chips and chopped nuts in hers. 

    This recipe is fairly accomodating and you can make a lot of substitutions:

    • Dried raisins or cranberries
    • Chopped pecans or walnuts, or sliced almonds
    • Chocolate chips or peanut butter chips

    Typically, Linda will make a huge batch, bake them, and then freeze in large air-tight containers. Because we have a really small freezer, we don't have the space to pre-bake so many cookies. Plus, I'm a sucker for a fresh cookie right of the oven, even if it's too hot to hold. Which is to say we have a new product!

    ... Introducing The Cookie Tray™ by Souper Cubes®! Each cookie is equivalent to a #40 cookie scoop and bakes a 2.5" cookie.

    How to Freeze Cookie Dough

    The convential way to freeze cookie dough involves using a medium-size scoop to scoop out and form balls of cookie dough that you can place on a sheet pan (with parchment paper) and then freeze.

    The cookie scoop + pan sheet didn't work for me because:

    • My freezer isn't big enough to place a pan in it
    • I tend to let my cookie dough sit in the fridge for 24 hours before baking or freezing. Once it is cold and hard, it's difficult for me to scoop out the dough
    • I somehow always forget to check on the cookie dough as it's freezing and then it's left uncovered for hours. I love my freezer but I don't want my cookies tasting like my freezer.

    Instead, to freeze cookie dough, I use a spoon and my hands to press cookie dough into The Cookie Tray by Souper Cubes®. I then cover each tray with a lid and place in the freezer to enjoy for later. The Cookie Tray™ takes up significantly less room than a sheet pan and I can keep it there for weeks or months without any concern of developing freezer odor.

    placing cookie dough in the cookie tray by souper cubes with a spoon

    How to Bake Frozen Cookie Dough

    You can bake cookies straight from the freezer to the oven. Just make sure your oven is set to the right temperature before you bake your cookies. 

    You can keep the cookie dough in the Cookie Tray™ or pop them all out once frozen and place in a freezer-safe bag. Stacking the discs into a log-shape saves you the most freezer space. I've found that I can place 32 cookies in quart-size gallon bag.

    32 oatmeal cookie discs in a quart-size bag

    How To Make Linda's Famous Jazzy Oatmeal Cookies

    First, gather and prepare your ingredients 

    Image of ingredients used to make jazzy oatmeal cookies

    Mix Your Wet Ingredients Together

    Image of all the wet ingredients being mixed together for jazzy oatmeal cookies

    This includes your butter, brown sugar, and granulated sugar. You'll also add the egg and vanilla extract in this step.

    I recommend either using a hand mixer or stand mixer to make it light and fluffy. If you're going to use a stand mixer, I recommend using the paddle attachment.

    Make Flour Mixture

    Picture of Flour Mixture in a Glass Bowl to Make Jazzy oatmeal cookies

    This includes your flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt

    Combine Wet and Dry Ingredients Together

    Mixing the Wet Ingredients and flour mixture for jazzy oatmeal cookies

    First, combine the wet mixture with the flour mixture and add the oats. Then mix together. Then combine the nuts, raisins, and chocolate chips and mix together with a spatula or wooden spoon

    Chill Cookie Dough for 8+ Hours or Freeze for Later

    the cookie tray by souper cubes filled with jazzy oatmeal cookie dough

    Benefits of Chilling Cookie Dough Before Baking

    According to King Arthur Baking, there's three benefits to chilling cookie dough before baking:

    1. Controls Spread. When you chill the cookie dough, the butter solidifies, which allows it to melt more slowly in the oven as compared to room-temperature dough.
    2. Concentrates Flavor. As the dough chills in the refrrigerator or freezer, it slowly dries out, which concentrates the flavors of all the ingredients. 
    3. Changes Texture. When the cookie dough gradually dries out, the sugar become more concentrated. The higher the percent of sugar, the chewier/crispier the cookie becomes when baked (as compared to a soft or doughy cookie texture).

    Bake Oatmeal Cookies in a 350F

    9 jazzy oatmeal cookies on a drying rack

    Once you're ready to enjoy the cookies, take a cookie dough disc from The Cookie Tray™ by Souper Cubes® and place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet or pan. Bake in a 350F oven for 12-13 minutes. Let rest for a few minutes and then enjoy!



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