MyMilk Replacement Lids

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MyMilk Replacement Lids

Regular price $5.95
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Set of 2 replacement lids for MyMilk trays.

Replacement lids for the MyMilk by Souper Cubes trays

Freeze in ½ oz Portions
100% Pure Platinum Silicone
Portions Fit Any Baby Bottle
Endlessly Reusable
Dishwasher Safe
BPA Free

Our leak-proof latching MyMilk lid eliminates freezer odor. MyMilk lids are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

To write on lid, use our water-based paint marker or kitchen tape

  • Fits MyMilk breast milk freezing trays
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No BPA, lead, PVC, or phthalates



Dishwasher Safe

Oven Safe

BPA free

Perfect Portions


How do MyMilk Trays Work?

Fill icon arrow Freeze icon arrow Repeat

Fill Tray icon step 1

Step 1

Fill Tray

Put your breast milk into the MyMilk tray.

Freeze It icon step 2

Step 2

Freeze It

Close the tray's latching lid, and store your MyMilk tray in the freezer.

Thaw! icon step 3

Step 3


Get the exact amount your baby needs, and thaw it!

The #1 Alternative to Breast Milk Storage Bags

MyMilk Trays
Breast Milk Storage Bags
icon check
icon check
icon check
icon x
Perfectly Portioned
icon check Freeze in 1/2 oz portions
icon x Freeze in 4-6 oz portions
icon check
icon x
Thaws Directly in Bottle
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icon x
Easy to Fill
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Ceborah S.
United States

Replacement Lids

I had 1 lid break. I reached out to Souper Cubes and they honored the warranty and replaced the the broken lid. I would recommend this product due to the product itself and customer service support.

United States United States

Excellent Product!

I love these! In the past, I have frozen breastmilk in storage bags, and I always either didn't have enough and had to thaw a whole other bag, or had too much and wasted it. I also had a terrible time with them leaking and losing lots of milk. I'm so happy with MyMilk trays! I just had my 4th baby, and have been saving every drop of let-down milk and colostrum with my Haakaa and dump it into the tray and pop it into the freezer. I love that the lid is airtight, and the quality is top notch! I feel good knowing I'm not wasting all those bags anymore, and when I need to prepare a bottle, I can get exactly how much I need without wasting any. 1/2 oz portions are perfect! I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is breastfeeding!

Meghan M.
United States United States

Amazing customer service

One of the tabs broke my my lid and I reached out. They immediately sent me a replacement! I’ve had no problems since and use my trays all the time.

Melanie K.
United States United States

Excellent Customer Service

I recently purchased two MyMilk trays and within a few days, I accidentally snapped a latch off of one of the lids (which is highly unusual). I wrote an email inquiring as to whether or not I’d be able to get a replacement, and not only did Michelle promptly reply, but she sent two replacement lids free of charge right away. I was so impressed by this excellent customer service and have gone out of my way to tell all my breastfeeding mama friends about these trays. I truly love using them - it’s so much easier and more eco-friendly to freeze breast milk this way than in single-use plastic bags. It’s worth noting that I also own and use Souper Cubes - we eat a lot of soup during our cold Wisconsin winters, and I’ve loved how convenient it is to store large batches in single-serve portions this way. We love this small family business and will continue to support them by purchasing their high-quality products and spreading the word to family and friends.