Chicken Soup with Mushroom Dumplings Recipe

Chicken Soup with Mushroom Dumplings Recipe
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    Recently, I was visiting one of my favorite blogs: Global Jewish Kitchen. It was created by Jacob's mom and has an endless amount of delicious recipes for me to try. One of the dishes that I had bookmarked for quite some time is her chicken soup with mushroom dumplings recipe. I decided to finally make it this past weekend and I'm so glad that I did. I paired it with quinoa and a chicken stir fry using this delicious teriyaki sauce (recipe here) I make from scratch. 

    I love how easy this is to put together. We ended up having it for dinner two nights in a row! Instead of prepping all of the dumplings at once, I assembled enough for one meal for the two of us, and then kept the remaining mushroom mix in the refrigerator.

    Full ingredients and directions below.

    How To Make Chicken Soup with Mushroom Dumplings

    First, you're going to want to make a home-made stock. For this dish, I made a chicken-based one. Though you can also make this a vegetarian meal or use bone broth.

    Stock Recipes:

    I love making my own stock. It's fairly easy, much cheaper, tastier, and often with a fraction of the sodium than store-bought brands. Once the stock is done simmering, strain out the veggies (and meat if you added some). I kept about 4-5 cups for the soup and froze the remaining broth in Souper Cubes® trays for later. If you already have Souper Cubes® of broth in the freezer, I'd use 1-2 cups per person.

    As the soup is simmering, assemble the filling for the mushroom dumplings. You can make the filling a day ahead and leave it in the fridge until you're ready to assemble the dumplings. All you need for the dumplings are: two packs of mushrooms, a bunch of parsley, a shallot, a few cloves of garlic, potsticker/egg roll wraps, and a touch of dry white wine. 

    To make the mushroom dumpling, you'll want to clean and dice the mushrooms. Add olive oil to a hot pan and sauté the mushrooms until they're softened. Then add in the crushed garlic and diced shallot and stir. 

    Next, add in parsley and stir the mix together. Season with salt and pepper. Linda's recipe adds in Tio Pepe at the end to deglaze the dish. I didn't have any so used a dry white wine that I had in the fridge. 

    Whether you're ready to assemble the dumplings now or sometime in the next day, you're going to want to transfer your filling to a bowl to let it cool.

    Once the mushroom filling has cooled, assemble the dumplings.

    I forgot to take step-by-step pictures of how to assemble the dumplings, but if you go to Global Jewish Kitchen's Chicken Soup and Mushroom Dumplings page, Linda does a great job at showing how to make a dumpling.

    When you're ready to cook the dumplings, bring a medium to large stock pot full of water to a boil, add half a teaspoon of salt. Place dumplings in water and cook for 3-4 minutes.

    Linda suggests placing the dumplings on a plate sprayed with olive oil so that you can cook them ahead of time. In fact, she sometimes makes them a day ahead and refrigerates them.

    To serve soup, place dumplings in the bottom of a soup bowl and add hot broth. Garnish with scallions. Serve.

    Linda's Chicken Soup with Mushroom Dumpling Recipe


    • 1-2 cups of broth per person (see note below for broth recipes)
    • 14oz white button mushrooms, diced
    • 14oz shitake mushrooms, diced (note: I used cremini mushrooms)
    • 3 tablespoons olive oil
    • 1 large shallot, minced
    • 3 large garlic cloves, minced
    • ½ cup parsley, finely chopped (note: I used ¼ cup)
    • 3 tablespoons Tio Pepe light sherry extra dry
    • 1 package of wonton, gyoza, or pot sticker wrappers, cut roughly 2.5 square inches
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • Optional: 1 bunch of scallions, sliced thin


    1. If you don't have broth in the freezer or readily available, you'll want to make it first. Check out our vegan-based broth, bone broth, and chicken broth recipes. Bring broth to a low simmer (1-2 cups of broth per guest).
    2. Pre-heat a large sauté pan. Clean and dice mushrooms. Mince shallot and garlic. Once pan is hot, add olive oil and mushrooms. Stir with wooden spoons. Then add in garlic and shallot, stir. Add in parsley, stir.. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Deglaze with dry wine. Place cooked mushroom filling in a bowl to cool off.
    3. When filling is cool, open package of wrappers. Place one wrapper on work surface. I had to cut my wrappers into four even squares. Prepare a small owl of water to dip your fingers in. Dip your index finger in a bowl of water and paint the perimeter with water so that when you fold the dumpling it will stick. Place a teaspoon of mushroom filling in the center of dough and fold in half to form a triangle. With the longest side of the triangle facing you, fold in the two points together. Seal with water. Place dumpling on a plate sprayed with oil. Repeat until you have made enough dumplings for as many bowls of soup as you have guests.
    4. Bring a large stock pot full of water to a boil. Add half a teaspoon of salt. Place dumplings in water and cook for 3-4 minutes. Carefully remove dumplings and place on a plate sprayed with olive oil.
    5. If you're going to be using scallions, thinly slice one bunch of scallions.
    6. To serve soup, place 3-4 dumplings in the bottom of a soup bowl and add hot broth. Garnish with slivered scallions and serve.

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