Individual Freezer Meatloaf

Individual Freezer Meatloaf
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    Individual mini meatloaves can be assembled and frozen either baked or raw for a hands off dinner with little fuss. Perfect for a freezer stash prep session!

    Meatloaf can be made with any ground meat, or combination or ground meats, and straight from the freezer, they are perfect for an easy weeknight dinner. With this recipe, instead of making one large meatloaf, we're making them in individual portions.

    Let's start stocking up your freezer with individual meatloaves!

    What you need

    • Lean Ground Beef – using lean beef makes your meatloaf less greasy but you can bake it and then carefully drain any excess grease. You can use a mixture of beef and ground pork for a more traditional meatloaf. We opt for just beef in our recipe.
    • Ketchup – a staple in traditional meatloaf!
    • Onion and garlic
    • Milk & Eggs – used to bind the meatloaf mixture
    • Breadcrumbs – you can use panko or even crush up saltine crackers instead.
    • Dijon Mustard – adds a little zing!
    • Worcestershire sauce
    • Salt & Pepper
    • BBQ sauce


    How to make and assemble individual freezer meatloaf

    • Combine all ingredients in a large bowl (except the BBQ sauce). 
    • Transfer mixture to 1 cup or 2 cup Souper Cube Trays. 
    • Top with BBQ sauce. 
    • You can bake them right in the trays and then freeze, OR freeze your meatloaf raw, and bake it when you want to enjoy it. 

    Freezing meatloaf

    You have to options for freezing your meatloaf:

    1. Assemble and freeze raw – this method is great because when you do thaw and cook you get a freshly cooked meal, versus reheated which can be drier.
    2. Bake then freeze – this method is great if you want a shorter reheat time or want to simply use the microwave versus baking.

    Cooking and reheating your individual meatloaves

    • Oven – if you freeze your meatloaves raw, thaw them in the fridge before baking so that they cook evenly.

    Yes, you can bake directly in your Souper Cubes trays!

    • Microwave – you can microwave cooked and thawed or frozen meatloaves. If frozen in 1 cup size, it takes approximately 5 minutes to reheat, and if frozen in the 2 cup size it will take approximately 10 minutes to reheat.



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    Happy Freezing!

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