How to Make Meal Prep Not Boring: 10 Fun Tips

How to Make Meal Prep Not Boring: 10 Fun Tips
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    Are you an avid freezer meal prepper who feels like you’ve lost your spark for freezer meal prep? Does it feel like freezer meal prepping is becoming a chore?

    After you freezer meal prep for a while, it can feel like you’ve run out of fun recipes to make, or maybe you’ve lost your love for batch cooking. Freezer meal prepping can start to feel a little routine, maybe even boring. To keep the process fun and exciting, you need to find ways to spice things up!

    In this article, we’re going to help you reignite your love for freezer meal prep and provide you with 10 tips on how to make freezer meal prep NOT boring, including new recipe ideas, so you don’t get bored of your freezer-friendly meals.

    1. Plan Out Your Freezer Meals

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    Coming up with a variety of prepped meals and different ingredients to work with is essential when it comes to enjoying your freezer meal prepping experience. Often our meal plan includes ingredients we are already familiar with and are likely in our fridge already. To grow your repertoire of ingredients, and experience more variety in your cooking, keep a notepad or your smartphone handy and add new ideas to your meal plan list when inspiration hits. When you are ready to start your freezer meal planning for the week or month review your list and use your ideas to spark excitement and a new cooking adventure.

    2. Prep A Variety of Dishes for Your Freezer

    Freezer meal prepping the same meals for lunch or dinner can get very boring quickly! So, try switching it up and serving different meals! The benefit of freezer meal prep is that you are freezing your food, which means you don’t need to worry about your food going bad. You can make a variety of dishes, store them in your freezer, and when you are ready to serve different meals, maybe one you haven’t had in a while, you can simply take it out of the freezer.

    3. Create Different Homemade Sauces

    One fun way to spice up your freezer meal prep is to learn how to make different sauces and incorporate them into your dishes. Suppose you LOVE making homemade freezer pizza kits, but they’re getting a little boring to make and eat. Not only could you try to switch up the toppings, but you could also try and swap out the base sauce. For example, you could spice things up by trying BBQ sauce instead! Adding new and different sauces to your favorite dishes helps you create different meals and add some variety to your freezer meal planning.

    4. Create an Aesthetic Color Palette With Your Food

    When freezer meal prepping, have some fun with your food! We don't mean play with your food, but rather, color-coordinate it! Have you heard the phrase "eat the rainbow"? Different colored foods provide different nutrients. Not only can color-coordinating your freezer prepped meals help you eat your daily dose of veggies, but it can also help make your freezer meal prep process fun!

    5. Freeze Food Items Rather Than Entire Meals

    Sometimes, you get home from work and decide that the meal you prepped for dinner isn't what you truly want to eat that day. That's okay! To spice things up, try freezing ingredients like cooked ground beef rather than entire meals. Then you could use it for tons of different meals like spaghetti or shepherd’s pie, depending on what you’re craving that day.

    6. Take a Cooking Class

    One great way to reignite your love for freezer meal prep is to take a cooking class with other hobby chefs. In your class, you will learn cooking techniques and skills that will elevate your dishes and get the creative juices flowing. Surrounding yourself with other foodies and aspiring chefs, who are passionate about cooking, can be inspiring and really ignite your passion for cooking again. Once you perfect your prepping process, learn a few more meal prep recipes, and get inspired, you will look forward to freezer meal prepping again!

    7. Dance a Little!

    We weren't joking when we said these would be fun tips! One fun way to make freezer meal prep not boring is to change up your process. Put on your apron, turn up some music and try out some new dance moves as you prep your food. Batch cooking and freezer meal prepping for the entire week doesn’t have to be a serious affair. If dancing isn’t your thing, put on your favorite podcast or listen to a great book.

    8. Don’t Shy Away From Trying New Things

    As mentioned, when freezer meal prepping, it's common to make a few meals and rotate through them. This could make freezer meal prepping feel boring because you might get tired of eating the same meal all the time. Instead, try experimenting with new recipes that you can make for yourself and your family. Here are some delicious recipes you won't want to miss:

    9. Create Themed Dinners

    Another fun freezer meal prep tactic is to make meals for certain days of the week. You can do mac and cheese Monday, taco Tuesday, pizza Wednesday, etc. This will create a fun and exciting experience when you freezer meal plan, prep, and eat, especially if you are freezer meal prepping or cooking for children.

    10. Add Fresh Herbs & Garnishes to Your Freezer Meals

    Maybe you're finding that your freezer meals just aren't satisfying your taste buds the way you want them to. To add a touch of fresh flavor to your meals, try adding fresh garnishes! Garnishes are commonly used as embellishments that enhance the flavor of your main dishes. Some of the most common garnishes are parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, and citrus zest. It won’t take you long to prep your garnishes on the day of, and adding a little freshness can go a long way.

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    Happy freezer meal prepping!

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