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How to use Souper Cubes

Using Souper Cubes is Easy!


Prepare your favorite dishes - stews, soups, sauces, casseroles, pasta, even cookie dough! Put it in your Souper Cubes tray, pop on the lid, and place it in the freezer.


Store your food in your Souper Cubes tray with the lid on or pop out the frozen food and store in a freezer-safe bag.


Take out a frozen cube, warm it up in the microwave, on the stove, or bake in the oven. Warm your food up the way that works best for you!

Step 1

Fill Tray

Put your food into the Souper Cubes tray, hot or cold!

Step 2

Freeze It

Place the lid on top of the tray and store your Souper Cubes tray in the freezer.

Step 3

Store It

Leave your frozen food in the Souper Cubes tray or pop out and place in a freezer-safe bag.

Step 4


Reheat your food in the microwave, on the stove (in a pot), or in the oven – it’s your choice!

Step 5


The best way to freeze food in Perfect portions

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