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How to organize your Souper Cubes Meals in Chest Freezers

Souper Cubes are not only a great way to store your freezer meals in single portions, but are perfect shape for efficient storage!
This post will give you some inspiration and ideas for storing your Souper Cubes in your smaller fridge freezers and your chest freezers which are traditionally a bit more tricky to manage.

souper cube meals labelled in milk crate for chest freezer

Chest Freezer Organization Tips & Inspiration

Label everything. Always.

Chili and Spaghetti sauce will always look the same frozen.

While you are very well aware of what you have when you freeze and organize it, you will end up not knowing if you don't label your Souper Cubes stock!

chili and meat sauce Souper Cubes labeled in freezer

Labeling tips

Freezer tape or painter's tape and sharpie work well for labelling the storage bags once your meals are transferred. 

You can also label your trays while you are freezing your meals into portions. Use a water soluble paint pen (Sharpie brand makes a great one). Make sure you get water-based, and not-oil based. This will wash off with water and a cloth. 

Categorize your contents 

souper cube pasta meals organized in milk crate

The biggest tip for organizing any freezer, even smaller freezers is to categorize as best you can. This will look different for everyone based on the meal and cooking preferences of each family.

Some example categories could be

  • Soups 
  • Sauces
  • Meal Prep Lunches
  • Ground meats
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Desserts

Once you have your categories, it is time to group those items together and store them together. There are a few ways to do this in a chest freezer.

Option 1 - Milk Crates

These crates are great for freezers because they are very durable and less likely to fracture and crack in the cold temperatures. But also, they have handles which is a huge bonus when you start stacking them on top of each other in deep chest freezers.

milk crate in bottom of deep chest freezer

Option 2 - Reusable shopping bags

Reusable cloth bags are a great option for chest freezers because they are not as rigid as bins. 

With this method, label the bag with the category of meals. This way when you go to look for a particular soup you made, you can just pull out the soup bag and not dig through your freezer. 

souper cube soups in reusable bag in chest freezer


Option 3 - Plastic bins (need handles and good quality to not crack when cold)

souper cube meals organized in plastic bin

Keep track of what you have in your freezer! 

It is great to have an organized freezer but if you don’t know what is in it regularly, you won’t use it, and it will get wasted. Or worse, you know you have something and can’t find it.

souper cubes in chest freezer

 A few strategies for inventory management:

  • Tape sheet of paper with contents on the door, where you can cross off items as you remove them from the freezer.
  • Freezer inventory map – this lists what you have on hand but also which area of the freezer.
  • Magnetic dry erase board listing contents - erasing items as they are removed from the freezer.

Did we miss any great strategies for organizing your Souper Cubes meals in your chest freezers?!

We would love to hear your ideas or better yet, post a photo of your cubes organized in our Freezer Meals & Recipes Facebook Group!