Make-Ahead Side Dishes to Have on Hand

Make-Ahead Side Dishes to Have on Hand
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    It's not often thought about, but in the whirlwind of daily life, the convenience of having your side dishes prepped and ready to go can be a real game-changer in the realm of meal planning. Preparing, portioning, freezing, and even baking your side dish recipes with Souper Cubes® trays can not only save valuable time but also ensures that you can enjoy your favorite sides for weeks or even months - without sacrificing quality. That's because freezing food is a great way to extend its shelf life, and doing so in individual portions with Souper Cubes® trays means you can reheat the exact amounts you'll need - whether for yourself or with company. So with just a little planning and some of these make-ahead side-dish recipes, you'll soon have a freezer stocked with sides that you can mix, match, and have on hand in perfect portions to elevate any entrée.

    Instant Pot Mexican-Style Brown Rice & Bean Bowl

    Packed with flavor, this hearty dish stands alone as a side but can easily be turned into an entrée in a pinch by simply adding your favorite burrito bowl toppings (think grilled chicken, shrimp, guac, cheese, etc.). Just cook all the ingredients in your instant pot, scoop into our 1-Cup Trays, let cool, and freeze thoroughly. Then transfer to resealable bags to store!

    Slow Cooker Crockpot Cheesy Potatoes

    Thinly sliced potatoes slowly meld with an array of fresh cheeses in this recipe to create a melty, creamy delight in every bite. Let fully cool and scoop into our 1-Cup or 2-Cup trays for freezing. Transfer into resealable freezer bags and store for up to three months! Easily reheated in the oven or microwave, these may be a side dish, but they could easily end up stealing the show!

    Tater Tot Casserole

    In our freezer-friendly version of this comfort-food classic, we skip the canned cream of mushroom for fresh mushrooms and garlic, and toss in a few more veggies. That way, it's even more delicious - and a bit better for you to boot! After cooling, assemble in our 1-Cup or 2-Cup trays then freeze immediately. You can bake from thawed or frozen (try in our perfectly sized Stoneware)!

    One-Pot Veggie Mac and Cheese

    While stovetop mac 'n' cheese normally requires two pots, our variation does it all in just one! A sharper cheese with a dash of dijon adds just the kick you crave. To make it freezer-friendly, cook the pasta al dente or just a minute under, and let everything cool fully before freezing in our 1-Cup Trays.

    Okra/Bhindi Masala (Masala Sauce)

    When you need to spice things up, this vegetarian recipe is a savory delight to have on hand. A fragrant rainbow of Indian spices marry into a tomato and cream-based sauce that was simply destined for warm naan and basmati rice. Serve them together for a quick side! Prepare and cool the sauce, then freeze in our 1-Cup Trays.

    Sweet Potato Soufflé

    Satisfy your sweet potato craving on demand by having this unsuspectingly vegan recipe on hand. Comforting sweet potatoes are enhanced by pure ingredients that bring out their best: spicy cinnamon, rich brown sugar, maple syrup, and buttery pecans! And having it on hand is easy: you can bake (without the lid), let them cool, and freeze all without ever having to leave our 1-Cup Trays (Souper Cubes® trays are both oven- and freezer-friendly). Then just transfer to a resealable bag and store your perfectly sized portions for up to three months.

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