Freezer Meals for Two

Freezer Meals for Two
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    Cooking for two can be gratifying, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Many recipes are often designed for four or more, resulting in a larger yield that can be difficult to manage—those extra leftovers can have you eating the same thing for days, meaning fewer options throughout the week with less room for variety. And if, despite the best of intent, the food ever ends up getting thrown away, that ultimately results in an increase to both your grocery budget and food waste output.

    When it comes to freezing for two, traditional methods often suggest using larger casserole pans (that aren't necessarily meant for smaller households), or large plastic bags that can be a task to fill and thaw. And in many homes, containers for freezing can often be found in varying (non-ideal) sizes which can take up extra space and whether plastic or glass, those materials can crack over time, resulting in more food waste.

    That's why we're such a fan of freezer meal prep with FDA food-grade silicone trays by Souper Cubes®! Freezing your meals ahead of time not only extends the shelf life of your food, it also reduces that problem of waste while increasing the convenience of always having your favorite meals ready to heat. Plus, our durable trays freeze your meals in perfect portions, letting you store and retrieve them in ideal helpings without the worry of leftover burnout or freezer mishaps. All in all, freezer meals for two with Souper Cubes® means less stress in the kitchen, and more time for being half of your dynamic duo.

    How to Make Freezer Meals for Two

    two pasta meals in souper cubes tray

    By portioning out your meals and freezing them in our right-sized trays (available in 2-tablespoon, half-cup, 1-cup, and 2-cup portions), you'll save space in your freezer, plus a pile of dishes (not to mention time and money)! Once your food is frozen, simply pop the cubes out of the trays and store them in freezer-use bags (for more on general meal prep with Souper Cubes®, visit our Ultimate Guide). And to top it off, all our trays' compartments come in multiples of two  so they're perfect for having meals available in just the right quantities.

    • Tips & Tricks for Two

      • Thinking Ahead
        Once your dishes are freshly prepared, it may be good to make note of how long they will stay in the fridge. If you don't think you'll be able to eat all the leftovers in time, or just won't want to, as a rule of thumb it's good to freeze them within 3-4 days. Also, being mindful of the portions you freeze them in will help with reheating them later in the sizes you'll want.

      • Label Your Souper Cubes® Trays and Freezer Bags
        Be sure to label your freshly prepped food with dates and dish names to keep track of freshness and easily select meals when the time comes. Our Kitchen Tape is custom-sized to fit the tops and sides of your tray lids perfectly and is easily writable with pen or marker. Or you prefer, you can write directly on your tray lids with our Water-Based Paint Marker, and easily wash away for next time.

         souper cubes trays labeled with sc kitchen tape 

        *For perfect storage for two: Four of our 2-cup portions or eight of our 1-cup portions fit nicely in a standard gallon-sized zip bag.

      • Mix & Match
        To keep meal-appeal fresh, regularly rotate your frozen dishes. By having a variety of meals on hand in your Souper Cubes® trays, you'll prevent monotony and consume a better balance of flavors and nutrients. For optimal freshness and flavor, we recommend going through your stash within four months from when you first placed your meals in the freezer. If you're going to keep food in the freezer for much longer, transfer your frozen cubes to a vacuum-sealed bag.
    • Time-Saving Techniques for Two

      • Batch Cooking
        Dedicating a day to preparing a selection of meals in bulk will save lots of time in the future and a bit of money in your pocket! Double or triple your favorite recipes before portioning into our trays. Cook once, eat twice!

      • Think of Thawing
        When you know you'll be ready to chow, we recommend taking out your cubes and thawing them in the refrigerator overnight. You can also thaw them via stovetop or microwave after popping out of the trays.

      • Freezer to Table
        Some recipes can go directly from freezer to table! Our trays are oven-safe (without the lid up to 415°F), saving extra steps and extra dishes.

        prepping food in souper cubes tray

    Freezer Meal Recipes for Two

    Now that you've gotten the inside scoop on how to freeze for two, here are some of our favorite recipes that can easily be made for two using our Half-Cup, 1-Cup, and 2-Cup trays!


    breakfasts in souper cubes tray


    lunch in souper cubes tray


    dinner in souper cubes tray

    It Takes Two

    With more time and energy saved to spend together with your person, now it's your turn to double your satisfaction by using our array of trays to upgrade your routine or special occasions, and have your favorite meals for two ready to heat and enjoy in minutes!

    two friends cooking happily together



    We would love to hear your ideas or better yet, post a photo of your cubes organized in our Freezer Meals & Recipes Facebook Group!

    Happy Freezing!

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